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When Taliban thinks the "Islamic State" and its caliphate are extremists...

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The Taliban has issued a statement directed at fighters in Iraq and Syria warning them against extremism in a clear rebuke to the Islamic State and its caliphate.

It calls on jihadists to remain united and not to judge others without evidence in what appears to be the latest tussle between Islamist groups for supremacy in their global fight.

The Arabic message was posted on the Afghan Taliban’s website and translated by Site intelligence group.

“It is worthy for a shurah [consultation] council to be formed from the leaders of all the jihadi factions and the distinguished people among the experts and the scholars in Sham [Syria] in order to solve their conflicts,” the message said.

“Muslims also should avoid extremism in religion, and judging others without evidence, and distrusting one another. They should avoid conflict and dispute, and not think their opinions are better than others. Mercy and compassion should prevail.”


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