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Turkey left out of diplomatic loop on chemical weapons debate; is Turkey becoming even more irrelevant?

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Ahmet Davutoğlu has not spoken to Kerry or Lavrov in four days...
Ankara, which has continued to liaise with world leaders on the Syrian crisis and other international issues, now seems left out of diplomatic traffic between officials from the US and Russia, two camps on the ongoing conflict in Syria that have been discussing the issue of Syria's chemical weapons for the last two days at a conference in Geneva.

Russia proposed a plan last week, accepted by both Syria and the United States, that would put the Syrian regime's chemical weapons stockpile under international control, to eventually be destroyed.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, have been discussing the Russian proposal in Geneva for the last two days. The proposal appears to offer a way out of the chemical weapons crisis, at the same time shelving the possibility of US-led military action in Syria in retaliation against an alleged chemical weapons attack last month.

Turkey, however, believes that the Russian initiative is a tactical move to prevent outside action being taken to end the conflict in Syria, thus buying Syrian President Bashar al-Assad more time to stage massacres.

Sources from the Foreign Ministry say that Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has not spoken to Kerry or Lavrov in four days.

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