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In addition to archiving news stories, database of screenshots of homepages of major media outlets, images, videos, and other digital content, ISR Weekly provides brief commentaries on and links to news about Islam and Islamic societies, including commentary and archival articles published in news outlets from around the world.

Together, ISR Original Essays and Islam In The News Comments, provide some insight on how Islam and Muslims are seen within and outside Islamic societies. The combined content archives first reactions to news stories and events as well as primary sources that are useful for researchers and informed members of the public who are interested in data-driven research and analyses of events and ideas involving Islam and Muslims in modern societies.

This project is a collaborative effort involving faculty and students of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from a number of academic and professional disciplines from around the world. If you are interested in contributing to this project, contact us; please include a CV and a Statement of Interest. For more information, see Islamic Societies Review.

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