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Moscow and Tehran sign a comprehensive agreement in the field of transport

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Iranian Minister of Roads Rostam Qasemi, who led a delegation to Moscow, concluded a comprehensive agreement on railway cooperation between Iran and Russia, at the conclusion of his talks with the Russian Minister of Transport.

During the talks, which were also attended by members of the delegations of the two countries, Russian Transport Minister Vitaly Soliev, referring to the expansion of relations between the two countries, expressed his hope that the signing of the agreement would further expand bilateral cooperation in the field of transportation.

He said that the north-south railway corridor can be the basis for expanding cooperation between Russia, Iran, Central Asia and the Caucasus, and there is a need to sign a contract to implement this huge project, expressing the hope that the Rasht-Astara railway section will be completed with joint cooperation.

Vitaly Soliev said: In addition to joint efforts in the construction of this section, we can cooperate in its use and exploitation, which is of particular importance along the North-South railway.

The Russian Minister of Transport indicated that his country views the Islamic Republic of Iran as a hub for trade and transit in the region, and said: With the completion of the railways, especially the Rasht-Astara section, northern Europe will be linked to the Indian subcontinent, which will lead to huge transit revenues for the countries. Located along the route, including Iran and Russia.

The Iranian Minister of Roads also said that Iran is interested in developing and expanding cooperation with its neighbors, explaining that Iran shares its borders with 15 countries, and in the meantime, Russia is important to us as an important neighbor with historical ties.

Qassemi added: If Iran and Russia work closely together, the US and Western sanctions against the two countries will have no effect, explaining that every trade needs to develop the transportation field, and it is possible that any agreement between the two countries will be signed in the transportation field.

The Minister of Roads said: The exports between the two countries and Russian exports to other countries via Iran can be agreed upon and implemented in the shortest possible time, explaining that among the railways, the Rasht-Astara railway is very short and economical, and if the two countries cooperate in completing this section. The volume of exchange and transit of goods between the two countries will increase significantly.

In conclusion, Rostami stressed the possibility of increasing cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in both Chabahar and Shahid Rajaei port.

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