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Depths of Syria's War: “You see, they have always been traitors”

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The ambush was a simple affair, compared to some of the complex and brutal operations devised in Syria’s civil war. But in a society whose divisions are historic, even if they have only now exploded like a leaky petrol tanker, the circumstances were unusual.
The target was a Sunni Muslim man married to a Shia woman, an intermarriage that is more dangerous nowadays. He was also an ammunition supplier to the Free Syrian Army, while his brother was killed serving in the regime’s Popular Committees - a Shabiha, or criminal ghost, in the insulting vernacular of the revolution.
The husband, Emad Juma Yusef, was picking up his wife and their children from her parents’ home, and he drove straight into the trap.
“She was waiting for me, but some of them were hiding in the grass,” he said. “They shot at me through the doors of the car. One bullet came right through the windscreen. They were trying to kill me.”
He was unscathed - his wife, hit in the foot by a stray bullet, was the only casualty. But he was seized and carted off to the local prison.



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