Friday, June 14, 2013

Barack Obama is leading from behind in Syria - and can't see where he is going

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The man whose electoral rallying cry was that he opposed the war in Iraq; whose aim was to end the war in Afghanistan; who vetoed all of his senior advisers, one by one, as they urged action over President Bashar al-Assad, has been forced to accept that when the Levant calls there is no escape.
He has left himself loopholes. The news that arms would be provided by the US to rebels fighting the Syrian regime was briefed anonymously; only military transport and communications equipment was mentioned on the record. A no-fly zone is possible – but only possible, and that too according to anonymous sources.
Even the crossing of the chemical weapons "red line" was confirmed by a deputy official on conference call. There was no boastful "We'll get him" moment.
However, America cannot get out of it now. It has staked its reputation, the future of its "Imperium", on the rebels' survival, and it must surely be prepared to do whatever that takes.
Can it do enough? It is true, as has been repeated ad nauseam since regime troops and Hizbollah swept aside the rebels in Qusayr that he is no longer losing. He has better motivated men, thanks to training provided by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.



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