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ISIL, through its new flagship magazine called Dabiq, calls Erdogan Apostate and explains its slaughter of Kurds

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ISIL released the second issue of its flagship magazine, Dabiq. In it, it tried to provide its own narrative to set itself apart from all other Islamist groups, encourage Muslims to migrate to the "Islamic State", and providing some behind the scenes reporting about its military and security operations in Syrian and Iraq. It also tried to explain why the group's forces are attacking Kurdish towns and, in a warning to Turkish leaders, calls Erdogan apostate.The following is a sample of the articles appearing in the magazine of the genocidal group.

The Fight against the PKK

Comprising territory that spans from eastern Turkey, through northeastern Syria and northern Iraq, all the way to northwestern Iran, the area commonly referred to as Kurdistan is a region that is mostly home to a Sunni Kurdish population.

In the 1970s, a group of students led by Abdullah Ocalan founded a communist political organization
called the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, with the goal of establishing an independent marxist state. Thirty years ago, the PKK began an armed conflict against Turkey in an effort to advance their goals. The conflict continued on and off with occasional ceasefires until 2013, when the PKK announced the end of hostilities after lengthy negotiations between the apostates Erdogan and Ocalan.

Approximately ten years ago in neighbouring Shām, the marxist Kurds in the north founded a political opposition party called the PYD (Democratic Union Party), which shares the kufri ideology
of Ocalan and is seen as being a Syrian front for the PKK. During the course of the jihad in Shām, the PYD’s armed wing, the YPG, became increasingly involved in clashes with the mujahidīn as they attempted to control a number of towns and cities in the north with significant Kurdish populations.
The Islamic State did not hesitate to wage war against the communist murtaddīn of the PKK/YPG, while simultaneously continuing their fight against the nusayrī regime and the sahwāt.

There are presently a number of fronts in the Islamic State being defended against the Kurdish communists in both Iraq and Shām. The month of Ramadān saw numerous operations taking place against the PKK and their Iraqi counterparts, the Peshmerga. The following is an account of some of the operations carried out by the mujahidīn.

On the 3rd of Ramadān, the soldiers of the Islamic State made preparations to strike the PKK in the village of Zūr Maghār, near Jarāblus. The  of Jarāblus. Numerous weapons were captured as ghanīmah, including assault rifles, PKC machine guns, RPG launchers and rounds, a sniper rifle and a night vision scope. During the course of the battle there was one shahīd and a number of light injuries. This battle was just one of a number of successful advances made against the PKK on numerous fronts, including the capture of the village of Kindār and a number of other villages adjacent to it on the western front of Tal Abyad on the 11th of Ramadān, with the advance continuing towards ‘Ayn Al-’Arab. This was in addition to a number of operations against the PKK within their main strongholds, including istishhādi operations carried out against the PKK/Peshmerga murtaddīn in both Iraq and Shām, as well as a number of PKK vehicles blown up by the Islamic State’s undercover cells in Wilāyat Al-Barakah, all leading to many of their apostate soldiers being killed.
May Allah continue to humiliate the secularist murtaddīn in all their colors and stripes.


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