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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Latin American Protesters: "As you can see there can be disrespectful people"

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Erdogan protested in Ecuador
The Turkish president, who is not not known for tolerating dissent at home lashes out at protesters in South America. Erdoğan, who uses state institutions to punish dissenters, accusing them of "insulting the president" accused Latin American protesters of being "disrespectful" and his body guards were accused of assaulting the protester and a lawmaker who tried to protect her.

During his visit to Ecuador, demonstrators protesting Erdoğan's policies on the Kurdish issue and his stance towards the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) gathered in front of the National Higher Studies Institute where he was due to give a speech on Thursday. Scuffles erupted when some of the protesters managed to enter the conference room and interrupted Erdoğan's speech by chanting slogans.

Video footage circulated on social media showed security guards, reportedly Erdoğan's, forcing the protesters out of the conference room.

An Ecuadorian lawmaker was also reportedly injured during a scuffle with Erdoğan's bodyguards while trying to protect the protesters. The lawmaker, Diego Vintimilla, posted photos on his Twitter account, showing himself with a bloody nose, hands and a bruise on his arm.

Gabriela Rivadeneira, the president of the National Assembly of Ecuador, condemned the attack on Vintimilla in her Twitter account.

After the protesters were removed Erdoğan reportedly said, “As you can see there can be disrespectful people.” Erdoğan's visit to Ecuador is his last stop in the week-long tour of Latin America.


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