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Prospects For The Referendum On The New Draft Constitution And Its Challenges In Tunisia

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The last hours before the start of the referendum on the new draft constitution in Tunisia seem decisive and decisive.

It is expected that more than nine million registered voters will go to the polling stations to vote “yes” or “no” on a draft new constitution for the country, including more than eight million voters inside Tunisia and nearly 900,000 outside it.

The voting process abroad begins on Saturday and ends on Monday, July 25, which is the day on which the voting takes place at home and coincides with Tunisia’s commemoration of the Republic Day, as well as the first anniversary of the approval of the exceptional measures that allowed President Kais Saied to dismiss the government and freeze Parliament and then finally dissolve it permanently.

While about 160 participants in the campaign for the referendum, including parties, organizations and natural persons, conclude their activities in preparation for the day of silence and then the referendum day, the opposition moves its spectrum again in the street with calls for demonstrations launched by the parties of the national campaign to overthrow the referendum, which brings together the Democratic Current, the Republican Party, the Ettakatol Party and the Labor Party The Qutb Party, as well as the Civil Coalition for a Social Democratic Civil State on the one hand, and the National Salvation Front led by veteran lawyer and politician Ahmed Najib al-Shabbi, and in which ten political components are included, foremost of which is the Ennahda movement on the other.



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