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This is why so many people believe the label “fake news”, to be a valid description to US mainstream news media

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In this media review, our readers are invited to reflect on this headline, "‘He simply cannot be trusted:’ World leaders slam Putin’s attack on Odesa following sea corridor deal", and the news story published by US media outlet, NCBC. 

Just minutes before the dust settled from this event, Western media took the outrage of Western political leaders and ran with it, with no due diligence and thoughtful wording of the story so that exaggeration do not distract from the human cost of an actual war that is going on. The headline suggests that this attack, which is just one of many attacks in Ukraine, which is a war zone (Russia strikes everywhere everyday, not just in Odesa (see action map)), have united world leaders against Putin, Russia’s president. 

For those who would bother to read the news story, they would be left with the impression that this WORLD consists of a couple of Western political leaders, and a celebrity chef named Jose Andres. That is it. Not one world leader from Africa, Asia, or Latin America, where leaders of more than 80% of the world population live, not a single one is quoted in the news story. 

It is these exaggerations and casual dismissal of the views and positions of world leaders who happen to be from the Global South that make media lose more credibility to the extent that their type of coverage gives credibility to label made famous by someone whose relationship with the truth is beyond repair: Fake News!

Read the headline and the story for yourself, we preserved the entire file below for your pleasure:

Action Map: Russian strikes and fighting action across Ukraine over the last three weeks


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