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The Russian Embassy in Cairo accuses Lapid of lying and contempt for the Palestinians

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The Russian Embassy in Cairo criticized Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid's calls to bomb the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, noting that he adopted allegations related to the "Bucha massacre committed by Ukrainian Nazis."

The Russian Embassy in Egypt published a message on its Twitter account, accusing Lapid of double standards, comparing Lapid’s attempts, last April, to blame and blame Russia for the Bucha massacre, and his calls this August for “bombing and strikes on Palestinian Territories in the Gaza Strip.

And the Russian diplomatic mission asked: "Isn't that double standards, complete disregard and contempt for Palestinian lives?!"

Last April, the Russian presidency rejected any accusations of involvement in the killing of people in the Ukrainian Bucha, and called for an investigation into this "at the highest possible level." The Russian Defense Ministry also considered that the photos and videos in the Ukrainian city of Bucha were specially prepared for Western media, Considering that these actions "are nothing but a new provocation."

The Russian Defense confirmed that the residents of the Ukrainian city of Bucha "were allowed to leave it in the north direction during the control of the Russian forces over it, and none of the local residents was harmed by any violence during the period of the Russian armed forces' control of this city."

Relations between "Israel" and Russia have been tense in recent months. The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador to Russia, Alex Ben-Zvi, against the background of a statement by Yair Lapid, last April, in which he condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine, describing them as "war crimes."

The war in Ukraine has unmasked the double standard and racism of Western nations in irrefutable ways. Nonetheless, the dehumanization of people who are not part of Western societies continues. 

For example, on BBC’s Newshour program, Monday August 8, when pressed about the killing of Palestinian children, an Israeli ambassador claimed that the children were killed by Palestinian fighters because Palestinians “don’t care about children”. The false claims created and promoted by Israeli officials have  been widely documented.



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